Four Reasons to Invest in Branded Clothing for your Business

Here at FUNKI Print in Crewe, we provide a print service for your clothing.  We will work with your business to discuss your needs and requirements.  Then, using our brand new vinyl printing equipment, we offer a print service which is quick, reliable and offered at competitive prices.

Here are four top reasons for a company to invest in branded clothing:

  1. Advertising – people wearing clothes with the logo or branding of your business on it, is a quick and easy way of raising the profile of your brand.  That could be employees, customers or supporters wearing your brand.  Either way, this exposes more people to your brand.
  2. Community feel – people feel part of a overarching group when they are wearing the same attire.  It unites a team as people wearing the clothes all have something in common.  This can be particularly useful with teams, clubs or bands. 
  3. Boosts corporate identity – if branded clothing is produced as part of a uniform for work, the move towards this will boost the corporate and business identity.  It’s a reminder to the employees about who they are representing at work and a reminder to customers who they are working with.
  4. Gift ideas – depending on your company, branded clothing can offer brilliant gifts to partners, customers or friends of your business.  Everybody loves a gift!

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Four Reasons to Invest in Branded Clothing for your Business

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