5 Factors to Consider Before Creating your Business’ Logo

Branded clothing and merchandise is a brilliant way of promoting your business.  Before rushing into your logo design, it’s important to consider a number of factors.  Once your logo and ‘brand’ is out in the open, small subtleties say a lot about your business.  Be sure to get this part right!

Here are a few tips to consider, to create an effective logo:

  1. Start by planning your message – before briefing a designer with the kind of logo you would like for your business, think about what message you want people to receive.  If you’re opening a coffee shop, will it be a cheap but quick and convenient place to drink? Or, will it be a trendy hang out for professionals to meet, which is a little more pricey? Whatever your message, be sure to know beforehand, so that this can inform your company’s ‘look’, ‘feel’ and logo. 
  2. Competitors’ Review – take a look at what your competitors’ branding says about them – the more you understand about your competitors, the more you can understand about how you fit into this and what your unique selling point is. 
  3. Keep it simple – try not to over complicate what you want from your design – the most effective logos are often simple.  Think of Apple, Nike or McDonalds.
  4. Be adaptable – remember, as your business grows, you will want to use your logo in many different ways.  Be sure that the logo will fit nicely on pens, clothing, letterheads and as profiles pictures on social media.
  5. Typeface – each typeface has its own personality which says a lot about your company message.  Take time to consider which is appropriate for your business. Consider your audience when making the decision – are they children? Or aimed at over 60’s?  Is the product or service you’re selling professional or fun?  These factors make a difference! 

When you’ve taken time to consider your message, the designer you are working with should give you the time to talk about your vision.  It is always best to request a mood board from a designer, so that you can see a few alternative logos and have the chance to get feedback from your audience.

Once your logo is in place, here at FUNKI Print, we can help to get your logo onto clothing and merchandise from our office based in Crewe, Cheshire, offering a quick and professional service, at reasonable prices.  If you want to chat about what we offer, you can give Damian a call on 01270 253940 

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