Printed Merchandise

Making the most of your Printed Merchandise

Printed merchandise can be a wonderful way of getting your brand out to an audience that you’re targeting. Many businesses look to create give-aways for promotional events, or produce branded clothing, all of which sends a message to the audience. When deciding what printed items to consider, we have a few hand top tips for your planning process:

1. Be clear – the last thing that your audience wants to see is too many words on the item. Be clear and concise with your message. If you can send a message in fewer words, then do it. Somebody might only have a second to interact with your brand, so you want to be sure that they can take the important information in that time.

2. Keep your audience in mind – if you’re creating products to advertise your business, consider what products your audience would actually want to receive. If your audience are music supporters, they might appreciate a printed plectrum, for example. If in doubt, go for something generic which most people would use – for example, a printed mug!

3. Call to action – consider a call to action in your messaging… this might be something small like ‘find out more at our website,’ or it could be that your whole campaign is around encoring people to attend an event, in which case, send them to where they can purchase tickets. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

4. Plan ahead – don’t leave your design or printing until the last minute. Often printing firms may need to order stock, or could be managing a number of different jobs. Where possible, plan ahead and book your job in with the designers and printers well in advance of the date you need the items for. This way, it also gives some room for manoeuvre if needed.

Here at Funki Print, we support businesses in creating the printed merchandise that they require. We offer a slick service and are happy to chat about your needs before starting the job. We work with lots of local businesses in Cheshire to support them in delivering their message. If you have any questions or want to print out more, give us a call on 01270 253940.

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"Thanks so much for these tops n hoodies for banger racing, fast service and quality is spot on. Will defo be using you again 5* service."