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What is sublimation printing?

Before we get into the advantages of choosing sublimation printing over other types, let’s look at what sublimation printing actually is!

Sublimation is different to inkjet or laser printers, as the process begins with the design in a solid format. Inkjet starts by spraying ink onto a surface and LaserJet printers use a solid toner and then use heat to bond the toner to the surface.

With sublimation, the process beings with the design as a solid, which is then applied to a transfer material – in Funki Print’s case, that material is paper. The paper is then applied to the mug (or whatever you’re printing on to!) with a special coater, and with heat pressure, the ink is allowed to bond.

Advantages of sublimation printing…

So now, let’s take a look at the advantages of sublimation printing, over other types…

1. Hardwearing design – the ink sits within the material with this type of printing, so expect it to last longer.

2. Customising design – as there are no plates in this printing process, it’s easy to customise and change elements of the design. So, if your great idea is to add the name of all of your employees, alongside your logo, this can be easily achieved!

3. Flexibility with surface – as most materials can be coated with polymer, sublimation printing can take place on lots of different substances. This gives you plenty of flexibility about what you choose to print on. For example, this could be mugs, glass, metal sheets or acrylic.

Sublimation printing is a clean and flexible way of printing. Here at Funki Print, we are more than happy to speak to you about what your aims with what you want to print. If you want to speak about any of this, pick up the ‘phone and give us a call on 01270 253940, where we will be happy to offer advice. We also provide a printing service, so if you want find out more about costs and turn around time, use the same number to get in touch.

Funki print mugs

"I wanted a personalised T-Shirt for my daughter’s 16th birthday, but also to celebrate her change of name. I sent Funki Print over a design I liked and chose a font and they made sure I was happy with their design before they made it. Super fast delivery, my daughter was over the moon! Great quality and excellent customer service. Highly recommended. Now to order the next T-Shirt for fathers day, I’m sure it’ll be just as great!!!"

Lucy Shaw